How Much Does Gutter Cleaning In Sydney Cost?

Nobody likes cleaning gutters.

Even professional gutter cleaners don't like cleaning gutters.

The height, the muck, the pests, the sun. It doesn't add up to fun.

Hence why so many Sydney property owners rely on professional gutter cleaners to get the job done for them.

But before you get all excited about delegating one of your essential home maintenance tasks to your local trade professional, have you considered the cost of cleaning your gutters?

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning In Sydney Cost?

Before we jump into an analysis of the average price of gutter cleaning in Sydney, it is vital that you consider two important points:

1) According to a Canstar report, many Australian insurance companies require that property owners regularly maintain their roof and guttering system. Have you checked your insurance policy? Does it contain a clause that entails that your home insurance does not cover home damage if your gutters are not regularly cleaned?

2) Falls from ladders account for the greatest number of deaths on worksites in Australia. In an 8 year period, 37 workers have died from falls from ladders.

When you think of the importance of ensuring that your home insurance is covering your dwelling as well as the safety risks, engaging the services of a professional gutter cleaning contractor is a wise decision.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Gutter Cleaning?

Length Of Your Gutters.

The more gutters there are to clean the more expensive it will be to get someone to clean them.

Height Of Your Roof

Whether the height of your roof is two, three or four stories, the height of your gutters can have a significant impact on the cost of your gutters.

Amount Of Leaves

When was the last time your gutters were cleaned? If you have trees growing out of the top of your gutters it is obviously going to be a more strenuous job than well-maintained gutters. Angry possums and ferocious insects might also pose a more difficult project for the gutter cleaners.

Gutter Guards

If you have been proactive and installed gutter guards on your gutters, it may actually make the process of having your gutters cleaned more expensive.

So obviously the condition of your gutters and size of your property will have a significant impact on the cost of cleaning your gutters.

What Is The Average Cost Of Gutter Cleaning Cost In Sydney?

We have done some sleuthing around to find out what is the average cost of gutter cleaning throughout the Greater Sydney region.

According to Airtasker, amateur gutter cleaners charge between $40 to $250.

Low: $40

Median: $110

High: $250

Note that this is gutter cleaning performed by amateurs.

  • Do they have insurance?

  • Do they have experience?

  • Do they offer a quality guarantee?

The quality of service and results can vary depending on the service provider.

Another of Sydney's most popular gutter cleaners offers their average rates on the website as follows:

1 Storey: $200

2 Stories: $300

3 Stories: $400

The company does highlight that these are average prices and recommends a site visit to ensure an accurate costing.

Do You Want Cheap Gutter Cleaning In Sydney?

If you are searching for the very best value for money gutter cleaning service in NSW, there is a tip that you will love.

More than other industries, getting a number of quotes from various companies can save you a stack of money.

But don't sign up for the lowest price until you have done your due diligence.

There are gutter cleaners and there are gutter cleaners. If you find a gutter cleaning website that is offering rock-bottom rates but they do not have any reviews or testimonials, you had better consider whether it is worth the gamble.

Identifying a proven gutter cleaning firm that balances low-cost rates with high-quality results is the easiest way to ensure you are not dissatisfied with their services.

Who Is Sydney's Most Recommended Gutter Cleaning Company?

There is a unanimous leader - Sydney Gutter Clean.

With more than 300 5-star reviews for commercial, strata and residential customers throughout Sydney, the Sydney Gutter Clean team has an unchallenged reputation as the most recommended gutter cleaning team in the region.

When you request a quote on the Sydney Gutter Clean website you will be taken aback by the highly competitive quote. The friendly and professional service will help reinforce the fact that you are dealing with the industry leader.

Put them to the test today. With a 24-hour or faster response, you won't have to wait long for the #1 Sydney gutter cleaning service.

Request a quote on their website to find out the best value for money gutter cleaning service in Sydney.

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