How To Turn Your Swimming Pool Into A Smart Pool

Do you love relaxing in your pool with your family and friends? Are you sick and tired of spending your weekends cleaning your pool?

If you are searching for an easier and less stressful means of keeping your pool clean and properly maintained, then you are going to love transforming your pool into a smart pool. Here are some tips and tricks from the swimming pools Shepparton website to help you make the most of the latest pool technologies.

What Is A Smart Pool?

Much like a smart home, a smart pool utilises the latest technologies and innovation to simplify the maintenance and operation of your pools. With your phone or laptop, you can quickly and easily operate the lighting, cleaning, heating, chemical levels and pumps of your pool.

What Elements Make Up A Smart Pool?

Pool Management System - Just as an operating system works as the base of all operations for your laptop, a pool management system provides the framework for controlling all of the technological aspects of your pool. With offerings for IOS, PC, laptop, Android and smart home technology systems such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, this is the central basis for controlling the features of your pool and spa.

Smart Salt Chlorinators - By automatically operating the chlorine of your pool, your smart salt chlorinator ensures your pool is always safe and ready for use. Once installed, the automatic chlorinators will monitor the pH and chlorine levels to ensure they are kept within suggested levels.

Heat Pumps - The latest temperature control pumps such as those from AES Heat Pumps, not only allow you to easily manage the temperature of your pool and spa, but they also can help you manage your electricity bills. By offering full-inverter options, the manufacturer suggests that the latest AES Heat Pumps can save more than 25% on electricity compared with traditional models.

Are you ready to transform your family swimming pool into an advanced smart pool?

Aquazone Pools & Spas is an experienced pool building company that offers smart pools that utilise the latest pool technologies.

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Based in Shepparton, the Aquazone Pools & Spas team designs, installs and maintains smart pools, spas and commercial pools throughout Shepparton, Wangaratta, North Melbourne and Echuca.

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