How To Recycle Batteries In Australia

Are you searching for a stress-free way to recycle your batteries?

A wide range of common household batteries contain harmful materials such as cadmium, mercury and lead. Would you like to dispose of these substances in a sustainable manner that doesn't require frequent trips to a recycling facility?

Save yourself time, money and frustration, by utilising the innovative Lamp Recyclers services on the battery recycling website.

Lamp Recyclers offers either 5 or 10 litre pails that are delivered to your door. The pre-paid recycling service can be purchased via AfterPay for the ultimate convenience.

Designed for ease of use, Lamp Recyclers offers this unique recycling arrangement in all capital cities throughout Australia.

What Types Of Batteries Can Be Recycled?

  • UN3028 Batteries

  • UN3090 Lithium Metal Batteries

  • UN 3480 Lithium Batteries

Australia's Leading Battery Recycling Service

Whether you need a small recycling option for your family home or large-scale recycling services for your commercial facility, Lamp Recyclers will work with you to create a streamlined option to suit your needs.

Don't let the harmful materials in your household batteries contaminate the land or groundwater.

Lamp Recyclers will reprocess your batteries to extract sulphuric acid, lead and plastic casings.

The Victorian Government states that 'less than 3% of all batteries purchased in Australia are currently recycled'.

If you are ready to do your bit to dispose of batteries from your home or office sustainably, visit the Lamp Recyclers website today.

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