What Australian Standards Relate To Roof Anchor Points?

Please note that when you are dealing with height safety, it is imperative that you deal with a fully trained and insured expert. There is a wide range of factors that can influence the type of roof safety system that is suitable for your unique property.

This is lifesaving equipment.

The wrong advice can end in severe injury or death.

Hence, we recommend that you contact a professional roof anchor point installer in order to access accurate information regarding a height safety system for your property.

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What are roof anchor points?

Roof anchor points are devices where workers on a roof or working at heights can attach and secure a safety harness, rope or other height safety equipment in order to prevent or arrest a fall in the case of an incident. There is a wide range of roof anchor points that are designed for specialised uses and surfaces.

What Australian Standards Relate To Roof Anchor Points?

There is a wide range of Australian Standards that relate to the manufacture, installation and use of roof anchor points and height safety systems. The following Australian Standards relate specifically to roof anchor points:

  • AS/NZ 1891 - Industrial fall arrest systems and devices

  • AS/NZ 1891.1 - Harnesses and ancillary equipment

  • AS 1891.2 - Horizontal lifeline and rail systems

  • AS/NZ 1891.3 - Fall-arrest devices

  • AS/NZ 1891.4 - Selection, use and maintenance

  • AS/NZ 4488 - Industrial rope access systems

  • AS/NZ 4488.1 - Specifications

  • AS/NZ 4488.2 - Selection, use and maintenance

  • AS/NZS 5532 - Manufacturing requirements for single-point anchor devices used for harness-based work at height

Failing to follow the code of practice can lead to severe legal implications.

How far apart should roof anchor points be?

Australian Standards have extensive details on the correct placement and installation points for roof anchors. There should not be more than six meters between anchors as this will create large 'dead zones' which can lead to pendulum fall injuries. The primary anchor (reference anchor) needs to be placed in a position that the distance from the edge of the gutter is the same as from the gable end of the roof.

Please read the article about how many roof anchor points do I need for more information.

How often should anchor points be tested?

Re-certification is essential for rooftop anchor points to ensure they are not damaged and are in good working order. The compliance code indicates that inspection is required every 12 months. Once your roof anchor points have been inspected, you will be provided with a certificate of compliance that is valid for one year. By having your height safety system inspected each year you can have the assurance that there are no components that have deteriorated due to use or environmental exposure.

How much weight should an anchor point hold?

The means of assessing the suitability of an anchor point is a dynamic test. As opposed to a static test, a dynamic test replicates a person falling and then suddenly being arrested to a stop.

AS/NZS 5532 contains the following information regarding the standards for a dynamic test for roof anchor points:

  • for 15kN, or single-person fall arrest use, drop a 100kg load through 2 meters

  • for 21kN or two-person use, drop 150kg through 2 meters

Following the release of the weight, the anchor then needs to have the capabilities to hold the weight for at least three minutes without cracking or showing any signs of breakage.

Who Is Sydney Anchor Points?

Locally owned and operated, Sydney Anchor Points is a team of height safety system installers and certifiers with a proven track record of exceptional results. If you are after the industry's most highly recommended height safety experts, you are going to love the attention to detail and a wide range of services of the Sydney Anchor Points team. There is no project too large, challenging or complicated. With thousands of regular commercial, strata and residential clients throughout the Greater Sydney region, Sydney Anchor Points eliminates the stress and hassle of height safety.

Where Does Sydney Anchor Points Service?

Based on the North Shore of Sydney, Sydney Anchor Points provides cost-effective roof safety services throughout the entire Sydney region, including:

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  • Sydney CBD

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What Services Does Sydney Anchor Points Provide?

  • Roof anchor point installation

  • Roof anchor point certification

  • Ladder bracket installation

  • Roof access hatches

  • Safe roof access systems

  • Harness access points

  • Rooftop anchor points

  • Ladder access systems

  • Safety controls

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  • Safety roof anchors

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