What Is The Best Whirlybird For Australian Conditions?

Do Whirlybirds Really Work? And Four Other Important Whirlybird FAQs!

Your laptop will not perform at its peak if the fan is not properly working. Heat needs to be extracted from your laptop or desktop to ensure it does not overheat. Likewise, the roof cavity of your home can easily overheat if there is not a suitable heat extraction system installed. If you are researching the efficiency of roof whirlybirds, there is a fair chance that you are interested in saving money and/or utilising green energy. So to start this discussion of whether whirlybirds work, let's take the time to understand how whirlybirds work.

How Do Whirlybirds Work?

Whirlybirds, also known as roof ventilators and turbine vents, are a passive cooling system that extracts heated air from the ceiling cavity of a property.

The whirlybirds fins are rotated by the wind as well as convection forces from the heated air underneath, this creates a vacuum effect that causes heated air from the roof cavity to be actively sucked and extracted.

Whirlybirds are one part of a roof cooling system. Eave vents need to be installed in order to create a cyclical cooling system. Some other names for eave vents are soffit vents and ridge vents.

By reducing the temperature of your roof cavity you can dramatically reduce the overall temperature of your house.

But there is a lot of confusion in regards to the cooling efficiency of whirlybirds. So to clear things up, here are some facts:

  • Whirlybirds need to be installed in the correct position on the roof in order to provide the optimal performance.

  • The right number of whirlybirds need to be installed in order to properly cool your home on hot summer days.

Another little known fact about whirlybirds is that they are an excellent addition to your home for winter.


Mould grows in moist dark environments. What is the moisture level in your ceiling cavity during those winter days when your shower fan is extracting all of that moist air as you enjoy a long steaming hot shower? Roof ventilation systems are excellent at removing moisture from your roof cavity during winter, thereby preventing mould growth.

So, do whirlybirds work?

Absolutely, when installed correctly, in the right location, with the right number of whirlybirds for the size of your roof cavity. They are excellent at keeping your house cool in summer and dry in winter.

By using whirlybirds to keep your house cool in summer, you can reduce your reliance on air-conditioning which will ease your worries about the growing cost of electricity.

Check out this "Are whirlybirds worth it" guide to discover how much a whirlybird can save the average Australian household.

How Do Whirlybirds Keep The Rain Out?

The reason your roof is on the top of your building is to keep the rain, sun and elements out. So it is understandable that some property owners are tentative about installing whirlybirds for fear that they might leak and cause water damage throughout the internal structures of the property.

The good news is that Twista whirlybirds are 100% waterproof. During even the most frightful thunderstorm, the uniquely engineered roof ventilation system will prevent any water from entering.


When in motion, the whirlybird's circular force deflects raindrops ensuring none of it gets into your roof space.

Let the heated air out without letting any moisture in, that is the Twista difference. Sadly not all whirlybirds are engineered to the same meticulous precision. There are a lot of poorly designed and manufactured whirlybirds that have a tendency to leak, rattle and squeak.

Invest in a quality Twista whirlybird and you will have the assurance and peace of mind knowing that your roof ventilator operates silently and is 100% waterproof.

How Many Whirlybirds Do I Need On My Roof?

As was highlighted earlier, if you do not install sufficient roof ventilation, the whirlybirds will not be effective. So how many whirlybirds does your roof need?

According to the industry experts at Twista, there is a simple calculation to identify the correct number of roof ventilators for your property.

One Whirlybird per 25m2.

Simply multiply the length and width of your roof footprint to get the square meterage of your property. Divide the total square meters by 25 and you will calculate the ideal number of roof vents for your home or office.

What Is The Best Whirlybird For Australian Conditions?

When you are researching which is the best whirlybird for Australian conditions, there are some key factors you need to analyse:

  • Durability

  • Performance

  • Price

There are lots of poorly designed roof ventilators that can not handle the harsh environmental conditions in Australia. During strong winds the weak plastic bearings can crack and snap. In heavy rainstorms the poor quality materials can leak. The inferiorly constructed fins can warp and creak and squeak while spinning.

In a nutshell, you get what you pay for.

If you try and penny-pinch when purchasing a whirlybird it can cost you in the long run.

So do yourself a favour and purchase a Twista whirlybird.

Designed, tested and manufactured in Sydney, these are the #1 whirlybird for Australian conditions. The twin steel bearings ensure the ventilation system offers peak performance all the while operating silently.

You will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your premium-quality whirlybird is 100% waterproof and designed to operate at peak performance year after year. The unique design ensures your house will feel cool and comfortable thanks to the excellent engineering behind the heat extraction system.

Would you like to explore the wide range of colours, sizes and styles of whirlybirds in the Twista range?

Visit the company website today and take the first step to a more comfortable and green summer for your family.

If you have any questions about the ideal size and number of whirlybirds to install on your roof, don't hesitate in asking the helpful Twista team.

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