What Does A Landscape Designer Do?

What Does A Landscape Designer Do?

Landscape designers, also known as garden designers, is a trained professional who specialises in creating plans and designs for external gardens and landscapes as well as interior and mixed spaces. Working with plants, architectural elements and construction principals, the landscape designer crafts a plan for constructing and maintaining a specified space.

Working from an office as well as onsite, a landscape designer will flash out a design, prepare models and meet with clients to envision and bring to life their design concept. Over the years, the scope of landscape design has increased as design and 3D modelling technologies have become more comprehensive.

Landscape designers do not only create gardens. This is a vast discipline, so some commercial landscape designers will focus on green roofs, parks, low-maintenance gardens, etc.

The design process encompasses more than just what will look good. Relying on a comprehensive understanding of horticulture and the local ecosystems, a landscape designer will create a garden that will thrive in the specific soil composition and local eco-system of the property.

Factors such as stormwater management and council regulations all need to be considered during the design process. The resultant plans need to be easily understood by builders, landscapers and tradesmen. Specified details need to be included to suit the local developer and council.

What Is Hardscape?

This is the non-living aspects of the landscape design. Pathways, walls, patios, retaining walls and architectural elements will all be included in the hardscape plan. Some of the more common materials that are used in hardscape include bricks, pavers, concrete, metal and stones.

What Are The Peak Industry Bodies For Landscape Design And Landscape Architecture?

There are two peak industry bodies which are worthy of further research if you require:

Garden Maintenance Sydney
Charlie Albone Landscape Designer

What Is The Best Landscape Design Firm In Sydney?

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